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The learning never stops

Pankey Institute

Dr. Mooney recently traveled to Key Biscayne, FL to study at the Pankey Institute of Advanced Dental Training. This world renowned institute trains dentists in aesthetic and functional treatment planning, management of TMD (Temporomandibular Disorders, which involve the joint, muscles and nerves between the upper and lower jaws), and interdisciplinary coordination to master complex cases for patients.

 Its faculty is comprised of practicing dentists, including well-known international speakers who offer hands-on training throughout the program. The curriculum is divided into several parts, which allow dentists, if they choose, to continue advancing to the masters and scholar levels. Dr. Mooney is honored to be welcomed back to continue her studies in October.


Dr. Mooney shares that her experience was not only informative, but also inspiring. Dr. Mooney enjoyed meeting and learning with dentists from all of the United States, and even as far as the UK.

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